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Dental X-Ray

Coredent Diagnostic Center uses the most advanced dental digital x-ray equipment to ensure the superior quality and accuracy of results.

This technology offers a host of benefits to both dentist and patients.

  • Low radiation exposure compared to the typical x-ray which means safety for patients.
  • Instant digital output: No waiting time for x-rays to develop. The images are available on the screen a few seconds after being taken.
  • Easy manipulation of images taken (can be enhanced and enlarge many times its actual size on the computer screen), allowing fast and efficient diagnosis. This makes it easier for the dentist to show the patient what and where the problem is.
  • Images can be sent electronically directly to the dentist or specialist.
  • Upon request, the images, together with a software, can be provided to the dentist on a CD in order to facilitate a more precise diagnosis and planning of treatment. This will also aid the dentist by allowing him/her to visually explain to the patient the procedure that needs to be undertaken.
  • Efficient storage and file management.

X-ray Services